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Intelligent speaker is a product of speaker upgrade. It is a tool for home consumers to use voice to surf the Internet, such as on-demand songs, online shopping, or understanding weather forecast. It can also control smart home equipment, such as opening curtains, setting refrigerator temperature, heating water heater in advance, etc.

Intelligent speakers have become the general existence of small household appliances, infiltrating into people's daily life space.

Social welfare

At the same time, we inject profession and responsibility, innovation and experience into the process of dream realization, rebuild the trend of brand value, influence and improve the society, environment, business and people we share with.

A domestic smart speaker has a thorough understanding: & ldquo; while the current production and sales of domestic smart speakers are still floating between thousands and thousands, the best seller is Jingdong, but the actual number is still far less than Echo. The largest number of smart speakers is the inferior products produced by many small manufacturers. Two sentences in 10 sentences of that kind of product have a good response. ”

Frontier Scientific and Technological Innovation

Products need to be improved iteratively to ensure a stable network connection; for example, a beautiful speaker needs to run in and out repeatedly; for example, voice interaction needs a good sound reception effect, and the speaker itself will sound, when waking up the intelligent speaker in the far field, it will need to eliminate the sound of the speaker itself; even the vibration of large volume will affect the sound reception, so the sound cavity and wheat. The distance between Kefeng needs to be considered.


The representative products of smart speakers, Alexa behind Amazon Echo and its predecessor Siri, are actually smart voice technologies.


Because of the relationship between the other side of the ocean, many people have questioned the sales data of Amazon Echo“ exaggeration” and asked a domestic manufacturer of smart speakers.


In 2016, smart home sales in the United States amounted to $9.7 billion, compared with only $520 million in China. The increase in penetration is even more striking, with the United States at 5.8% and China at only 0.1%.

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